Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy

Requirement of personal information:
We obtain the personal information in case such as...

    1.when you resister for membership.

    2.When you resister for our newsletter.

    3.When we make a delivery.

The purpose of using the personal information:

We use the personal information for these purposes...
    1.Member management.
    2.Provision of this service.
    3.To answer to inquiry of the user and support duties.
    4.Product or service advertisement of our store or third party.
    5.Campaign plan, event plan, prize plan, implement of the questionnaire.
    6.Necessary notice in the administration of this service.
    7.To send our newsletter.
    8.Development of the making of the statistics document, an investigation, the analysis of marketing data, a new feature and the new service.
    9.To offer contract of the buyer information to a product distributor based on the user’s registration  information.

About disclosure of the personal information:

Without the agreement of the user, we will not disclose personal information to a third party except such cases as follow.
    1.When delivery supplier verify identification.
    2.When we consign some or all of personal information handling duties to the outsourced operation in a necessary range.
    3.For the payment, the user disclose it to financial institution or collection representation supplier.
    4.At the succession of a business, it is handled in the range of the purpose same as before the succession.
    5.When it is necessary to disclose to lawyers or a person who has confidentiality obligation.
    6.When we are asked to disclose it from the user to a third party.
    7.When we are asked the disclosure by Court, the Public Prosecutor's Office, the police, taxation office, bar association, consumers center and the authority that followed these.
    8.It is not considered as a third party offer that we consign the necessity range to carriers.