About Us

SUPER VALUE PRODUCT :: A Concern of Tokyo Tradex [An Importer of Grocery Items from South Asia/ South-East Asia]

Established Business in 2014, being importer of overseas foods and spices, we have been distributing (whole sale and retail)  and supplying quality foods made by our own or some collecting from other importer / vendors. Our recently launched Halal Shop in web (online) [www.suvproduct.com] and offline / physical store in the heart of Tokyo, has brought us closer to doors of the retail customer. Through third party shipping company, supplying grocery items and catering items to each and every part of japan includes shops, factory workers, Restaurants and IndividualsBeing an inhabitant of this global village, we would like to see ourselves in such a platform where we inspire each other to uplift set common values, accepting trends that make our life comfortable. Our mission is to make bridge for the traditional Japanese food eaters explore overseas food culture and vice versa. 


* Provide 100% Halal Meat (Beef, Deer, Chicken) which are slaughtered in accordance with the Islamic Law and processed by ourselves.

* Provide GREEN / FRESH vegetables of tropical countries (you can’t find in local market). You will be delighted to know that we used to provide those vegetables directly from field (Late april to end October), Other than months specified above, in off season same vegetables are available at fresh-frozen condition. Besides, all other time we are selling imported fresh/frozen vegetables and fresh fruits from India, Bangladesh, China, Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries.

* Collecting Fresh (river/pond) and Seawater fishes from Local source (Japan), Thailand, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Philippines, selling them wholesale and retail. To ensure quality (hygiene food only) we purchase from trustworthy sources / companies, checked and authenticated by Japanese Food Inspection Department (Bureau of Quarantine).